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  • Why PicMyDay?
The truth is that nowadays the demand for historical monuments and museums has given way to looking for experiences and places with photographic and sharing potential.
Apart from this and as we can see in the last study published by The Guardian, 83% of tourists publish photos of vacations on social networks while they are still in progress, whether they are "stories" or "regular posts", and most of the time this happens in a continuous process in which publications behind publications are succeeded. So there is a growing desire to share in real time the experience that is being experienced.
Pic My Day brings the possibility of acquisition this avant-garde service both in hotels and Online, on our website.

What we do?
PicMyDay provides a service that allows its clients to enjoy a unique, fun and low profile tourist experience.
This service was designed for all those who, during their vacation, would like to record their best moments through photographs, but in a professional, discreet way and without having to worry about resorting to third parties.
This service includes a script with the best photography places in Lisbon, preventing the client from losing unnecessary hours in Internet searches, and also provides the delivery of the selected photos, already edited and resized so they can be published on social networks in a fast and fluid way.
All this complying with the security rules and personal data protection.

How we do?
The tourist receives an immediate explanation upon arrival at the hotel, when the concierge presents the service.
The client will be able to make a mark with a maximum of 16 hours in advance and will have at his disposal the package of photos available in his profile, no more than 16 hours after the photographic session.
This time period includes 4 hours for the photographic tour and a maximum of 12 hours for editing the selected photos. Adding the 16 hours before the booking and 16 hours of the tourist and photographic edition, we have a service offered in record time, taking into account that the average stay of each tourist in Lisbon is 2.5 days.
So, we guarantee that any client can have their photos available during their stay in the city.

For whom?
Pic My Day is what most social network users want.
Nowadays, the majority of people are looking for more authentic and spontaneous pictures of their best moments on vacation, so they can share with their friends, family and followers later on.
Thus, we direct our product to couples, groups of friends, solo travelers, between the ages of 20 and 45, and these segments will represent about 90% of our sales. Although our target audience is well-defined, the product can be sold to more people outside the defined age group or segment who demonstrate interest in our service - we are a flexible company that can adapt the routes to the needs of customers.